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State of the dad-in-law, part 2

Got a call from my mom-in-law. fosteronfilm's dad is back in the hospital. Seems he got an infection after the angiogram with a fever (clocking in at 104!) and chills. They appear to have him stable now on IV meds and a breathing mask, but he remains in the ICU. He's conscious and alert, at least. My mom-in-law is at home now, and she's suffering from some sort of respiratory illness too--no doubt brought on by all the stress. My brother-in-law was with Dad-in-law in the hospital, keeping tabs on status and treatment.

I knew they should have kept him in-hospital for longer after his angiogram! I'm absolutely livid they didn't. He's a >70-year-old man with a compromised immune system, suffering from a wealth of chronic ailments. It doesn't require a genius to see that there's a huge risk of post-surgery infection and complication.

I'm very worried but trying to stay optimistic. He's a stubborn cuss. He's going to pull through this.


Writing Stuff

Got a lovely email from Gerald W. Page praising my story, "The Son that Pain Made," in Aberrant Dreams. I was delighted to be sharing a ToC with him in the first place, and to actually get a "you did good" email from him made me downright giddy. He said: "Ted Sturgeon would have loved it. (Actually, Ted would be jealous; he would have killed for that idea.)"

Squee! I'm greatly looking forward to meeting him at the signing next month.

- 156-day "liked it, but . . ." from TOTU.

I opened that baby up to give it a look over it, and y'know, I'm thinking it might be a good fit with jimhines's Heroes in Training antho. It could benefit from a fairly intensive overhaul and tighten, but I quite like it and it fits nicely with the antho's theme. Guess that means I'm backburnering "The Better To . . ." again.

Editing/New Words: Two passes on "Tried as An Adult." Actually taking this one to hardcopy to work on.

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