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Congratulations to pleroma and sruna!

A HUGE congratulations to pleroma and sruna on their New Year's Eve engagement! I got all squeeie and gushy when I read about pleroma's romantic and elegant on-bended-knee proposal. fosteronfilm and I are overjoyed for you both!


Writing Stuff

- My contrib. copies of Apex Digest #4 and payment for "Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me." Hurray! Although it looks like the post office really went to town on the poor package--maybe drove over it with those little mail golf carts or stomped on it a couple time in cleats. However, despite the fact that the envelope looks like it's been mauled by rabid aardvarks, the contents came through mostly unscathed. There's a slight ding on one cover and some wear on the edges and spine of another one, but nothing was torn or otherwise mangled. And Jason Sizemore very cleverly stuck my check deeply and securely into one of the copies so it neither fell out through either of the USPS-inflicted gaping tears, nor was it folded, spindled, or mutilated in the course of the rough transit. Whew.
- Payment for "Only Springtime When She's Gone" in Neometropolis #7 made via electronic transmission of monies, so no shipping and handling wear-and-tear. Although there were PayPal fees. Urg. Trade-offs.
- Invitation from Story Station to consider submitting a non-fiction piece for their Teacher Articles. Huh. That had never occurred to me, but it might be fun, not to mention a nice addition to my writing resume. It's not big money by a long shot, but $10 for 500-600 words is acceptable, depending on how long it takes to write those 500-600 words, of course.

New Words: 100 or so on an outline for a story idea. I will embark upon big word count productivity . . . soon. Anytime now. Yep.

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