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Laptop service plan contemplations

Okay, holiday's over, and I'm back in the writing saddle (err, office chair). I miss my laptop ludicrously much. The temporary workstation we've got setup for me is functional, but little things keep bugging me. Like the table I'm using as a temp. desk isn't quite wide enough to accommodate keyboard and mouse pad, so when I mouse too far to the right, the stupid thing plummets off the edge, which is not conducive to the creation of scintillating prose. *grumble*

But according to the FedEx website, my laptop is well en route, and should be in the hands of HP by tomorrow. The holidays slowed things down a bit, but I knew they would. I'm on the brink of buying a two-year warranty extension for my laptop before the original expires. It seems that it might be a wise and cost-effective purchase, plus I can't seem to work well without my shiny laptop and the alternative is risking the need to buy a new one if it malfunctions again. I don't usually buy service plan thingies and it's left me feeling waffly, but all things considered, I think it's a good idea. If this power shutdown issue had happened while it was off warranty, I don't know how much it would've cost to fix, not to mention I'd probably be spitting and pulling hair by now instead of just mildly put out.

And hey, the cost should be tax deductible. None of the five . . . six, now eight recently published/outstanding markets paid me before the end of 2005, so 2006 should be a better year for deductions anyway.

Writing Stuff

Got some critiques to write, a very overdue review to complete, and then it's back to work on the novel. Or maybe one or two short stories that I've got bouncing around in my head currently--one for jimhines's Heroes in Training and one for Apex Digest's Aegris Somnia anthology. Traveling typically gives me good story ideas . . .

After two months of nail-chewing and fretting, I discover that the story I've had languishing at Baen's Universe never made it to them. Thankfully, jimhines alerted me that I might consider querying or I'd still be la-la-laing and compulsively hitting my email refresh key. So, after a query and re-sub, I receive a 2-day "you're on the right track, but . . . " form reject. Alas.

New Words:
Two passes on "Rue and Ruin" and finally it's done. I have stuck a fork in and deem it crispy. All sixty (!) pages are bundled up cozy in a submission packet and will go out tomorrow when the USPS revives from their government holiday. Haven't sent out such a thick piece of mail in a while. I need a postal scale . . .

Also did a pass on a story which has been in limbo for four years. Normally I would have gotten it out earlier, but the editor wanted to buy it, which puts vast extensions on my patience. But after having to wait two years before hearing that she actually wanted it (after sending me a confirmation email to a query that she was still considering it and "quite likely to buy it" five months in), finding out the "sold" status on a public newsgroup that I queried in desperation, and then waiting another two years (with assorted queries in there) for contract or other follow-up from the editor, I think the bell has rung on this market and it's time this baby got back into circulation.

I hadn't looked at the story since I submitted it, and I expected it to need a fairly intensive clean-up. Surprising myself, it read pretty solid. It wanted a couple sentence-level tweaks here and there, and I needed to fix a capitalization error, but other than that, I'm satisfied with it. I like this story. I remember now I quite liked it when I wrote it. I'd avoided thinking about it because of the interminable wait issue. I probably should have given up on this market way sooner and sent this story elsewhere. Oh, well. Live and learn.

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