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Post-Christmas 2005

It's my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday, fosteronfilm wrestled open the computer in order to install the new DVD burner I got him for Christmas. Our old one (the one that was factory-installed) was having problems with x16 DVD-Rs, despite a firmware update, and Sony wasn't supporting that particular type of burner anymore--even though it's only two years old and their factory installed model. Plus, Matthew had been making impressed-eyes at the LightScribe technology, so I thought it was an obvious prezzie. After some swearing, much grunting, and a couple calls to the HP help line, it's now installed and working.

Note to self: next time, give a lot of thought to whether a "some assembly required" prezzie is a good idea. Urk. But he does seem pleased with it now that it's properly functioning.

Also packaged up my laptop and called FedEx. They're going to pick it up to ship to HP this afternoon. I miss it already, and it's still here--just boxed up. Normally I work in the evenings with the laptop downstairs on the couch with Hobkin curled at my side. Last night I couldn't, even though I've got a temporary system in place. It's a desktop and Hobkin would have none of the whole moving from the couch to the desk suggestion. So I sat on the couch, peering longingly at the computer, pinned down by an 8lb animal. Yup.

Hobkin is indeed madhappy to be home. He absolutely adores his godmother, but he's always a fuzzy cling-beast when he gets back.

Curled up on fosteronfilm's lap.

And, as promised, a picture of the step we got him for Christmas:

No action picture yet, but that's in the works

When he first saw it, there was some trepidation and much sniffing. I lured him up it with a treat, and then there was chin rubbing/marking. Now he's bounding up it like it's always been there. He's got some problems with the going down part still. He insists upon going down it sideways which seems to result in him sort of half-falling, half clambering off it. Silly beastie.


Writing Stuff

Found a nice little blurb on a French site called Chronicles de L'imaginaire of "The Storyteller's Wife" in Faeries:
"Eugie Foster raconte L’épouse du conteur, une belle histoire d’amour aux pays des contes."

I believe that translates to (approximately): Eugie Foster tells "The Storyteller's Wife," a beautiful story of love set in the country of stories (fairies?). Any native French speakers that can correct my translation out there?

- 43-day personal "nope" from Aeon with extensive commentary and invite to submit again.
- 14-day and 57-day personal "nope"s from Fantasy Magazine along with some back-and-forth chatting with the editor.

Y'know what would be a nice birthday present? An end-of-year sale. Especially if it's via my agent! *crickets chirping* Well, it would be.


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