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I'm a PHOBOS Finalist!!

Omygodomygodomygod! Phobos just called me! Actually, they called my house, and I'm not at home--being at work currently. But my husband picked up, and I'm a FINALIST in their fiction contest!!

My cyberpunk story "All In My Mind" is one of the top 20 going on to final rounds!



Except, damn. I can't remember what's going to happen now. I remember that top entries win $500, and then the top three win another $500. Did I make the first $500 or not?

Dizzy with elation. Must. Look up. Contest rules. Now.

(Edit: Just looked up the rules. I haven't got any money yet (pook). A panel of judges--including Orson Scott Card and Larry Niven!--are going to read the 20 finalists and then pick twelve winners. Those 12 get the $500 bucks and from their number come the top three. Did I mention that Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors? I repeat "EEEEEE!!")

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