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Midwestern festivaties commenceth

After a looooong drive, we are now in the Midwest, hanging with the in-laws and preparing for much holiday merrymaking. However, they are on dial-up, which is slower than a turtle with a sprained ankle. Luddites!

Fun things accomplished: 1. Programmed the folks' home phone speed dial. 2. programmed mother-in-law's cellular phone and introduced her to the magic and wonder of musical ring tones and voice-recognition dialing. I'm not sure how to make a call on any of their phones, but I know how to program them. Hee!

Hobkin is with his godmother, but he was a very unhappy lil skunkie. We dropped him off at the vet's office (where his godmother works), and he equates the vet with evil badness. There was much clinging and he exuded "don't-leave-me-here!" which was absolutely heartrending. I miss him already. I wish skunks weren't illegal in Illinois so we could take him with us to visit his grandparents.
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