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The Prozac has utterly curtailed the dizzy/woozy Effexor withdrawal effects, which is fantastic. Although I'm still feeling a wee bit short tempered. Still, even that is improving. I didn't have the burning desire this morning to strangle the Barnes & Nobles information desk employee when he kept pointing me to the Poetry section (where I'd just spent 45-minutes fruitlessly looking for the book I wanted) and telling me that everything was organized by author (duh). Nor did I feel the need to get out my stabby pen when he said he couldn't help me after I explained that I didn't know the name of the author (editor actually). And I didn't even feel murderous when he informed me that their computers could only do searches by title and author name, although I know that any book searching software worth two copper plugs can do a subject search. However, I will admit to feelings of exasperation when I had to ask him twice to do a simple subject search. Nevertheless, it was fleeting exasperation that dissipated once he found what I was looking for upon conducting the requested subject search, as I knew he would. It's not like I pulled out an uzi and started mowing down hapless bookstore patrons.

Y'know, I simply like bookstores (and libraries). I spent several hours just wandering up and down the aisles, browsing. I think I spent a whole half an hour poking around in the reference section alone. Yep, I'm a bibliophile.

I do find it distressing that I didn't see a single SF/F magazine in their newsstand section--not an Asimov's, Analog, F&SF, or Realms of Fantasy anywhere. I'm telling myself it's because they sold out and are due for the next issues, not because they've decided to simply stop carrying any.

I like denial.


Writing Stuff

Did I mention how much my Apex Digest editor, Jason Sizemore, rawketh? It bears repeating. He saw my "where's my money?" post yesterday and immediately emailed me to let me know both my contrib. copies and payment for "Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me" will be going out this week. Yay! And he's the featured writer (along with Apex co-editor Athena Workman) over at the Wicked Karnival message board. So go ask him something. (I think you need to register to post a question, but how painless is that?)

I also got a note from my Aberrant Dreams editor, Ernie Saylor, letting me know that I'm in today's Slip of the Pen (their webcomic). I've never been immortalized by a comic strip before. Hee!

- My appreciation of "Hell Notes" by M.K. Hobson (mkhobson) (published 2/9/2005 in SCI FICTION) as part of David Schwartz's (snurri) ED SF project.

- Confirmation from Futurismic (after I queried them) that they're still considering a story of mine they've had since mid-October. I'm very relieved that the Internet beasties didn't eat my submission and knocking on wood that the tale passes final muster.

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