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Beyond dizzy. Shading into the psychedelic.

The Effexor withdrawal paired with the extra spiky Monday-on-Adderall-after-the-weekend-holiday effects is nearly psychedelic. I'm getting dizzy waves that border on bona-fide visuals. I'd say "whee!" except it's really not all that enjoyable. My days of finding vertigo recreational appear to have passed.

t_rex mentioned that some folks use Prozac to help wean off Effexor as it often diminishes the side effects--which makes total sense on a pharmacological level--and it's much easier to get off Prozac. Since I'm becoming less functional rather than more, and I've got leftover Prozac, I'm putting myself on a 20mg/day dose for a week and seeing how that works out. It's either that or going on an every other day taper with the Effexor, and I want to avoid taking any more of that stuff ever, ever again. *wobble* Sheesh.


Writing Stuff

- Payment from Stephen Eley of Escape Pod for "My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie." I'm delighted to get paid from Stephen so very promptly but also a bit anxious that I haven't received payment from Here & Now yet. Well, everything with H&N seems delayed, so I shouldn't be surprised.
- Rewrite request from TQR for "Cyberevenge Inc."

New Words: Maybe 2? Did a couple editing passes on "Arachne's Gift" from Critters feedback, and I'm pretty happy with it. After some agonizing and dithering, I decided that I'm going to go ahead and send it to Cricket this week, as I had originally intended. The Purple Crayon said that some of the editorial staff might be staying on for a while in a freelance capacity after the move, and honestly, I can't hope for a better reception than to send it to the editor I already know and love, even with all this pending upheaval.

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