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Woozy and Narnia

While my p-doc said I could just stop taking the Effexor and it wouldn't be a problem, he was obviously mistaken. I'm getting these periodic bouts of lightheaded dizziness, like falling. At first I thought it was the Adderall giving me a particularly hard kick for some reason, but since I'm on my weekend "holiday," it obviously can't be. It's not a bad sensation, but it's distracting, especially since it seems to be happening with greater frequency rather than less. I remember a similar effect when I first started taking the stuff, and it passed in a few days. I expect it'll get better soon, but until then, it makes both stairs and driving chancy enterprises.

fosteronfilm and I saw Narnia with yukinooruoni yesterday. yukinooruoni and I were absolutely charmed by it. fosteronfilm was less so. I was delighted from the opening scene to the closing one (during the credits--so don't rush to leave the theater). They did an excellent job with casting. All the actors were superb and believable--both children and adults (the White Witch was perfect, absolutely perfect). The movie was very faithful to the book, to splendid effect, and the FX were spectacular. I wish they would have shown more of the good guys--talking animals and all--but the majority of the FX scenes seemed to focus on the White Witch's army over Aslan's. Matthew didn't like the children at all, and can't get past the Christian propaganda elements of the original story and the resulting (literal) deus ex machina, the grump. The Chronicles of Narnia were a cherished and beloved favorite of mine when I was little (and too young to grasp either the Christian symbolism or any of the other problematic elements of C.S. Lewis's writing). Now I have the urge to re-read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and perhaps the whole series.
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