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Lifting a spoon is hard work

Yesterday, I baked. The muscles in my arms are sore from all the stirring I did. I am such a wimp.

Writing Stuff

New Publications:
- The interview sdowens did with me is now live at He also interviewed a slew of other interesting writer-folk like Christopher Rowe, Jay Lake (jaylake), Elizabeth Bear (matociquala), Doug Lain (douglain), Jeff Vandermeer, and a bunch of others, so go read!
- Apex Digest #4 is out with my (Pushcart nominated) story "Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me."
- UK 'zine Here and Now issue #7 is (finally) out with my story "My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie." This tale will also be published as a podcast by Escape Pod in February, so if you can't catch this in print, be sure to listen to the MP3.

The crits for "Arachne's Gift" continue to pour in. The majority of them have been very useful (as well as positive), but my annoyance at those folks who insist upon lecturing me about how age appropriate or rather "inappropriate" my children's works are has become a full blown peeve. I intentionally don't specify the age range I'm writing for, and I've experimented with different ways of asking critters not to comment on that aspect, but it just doesn't seem to matter. If I say that it's a children's work, some folks* feel compelled to tell me that my vocabulary is too sophisticated. If I don't mention it, they tell me the piece is too short and should be expanded into a novel. I just want to know if the story works, dammit!

* Why exactly are people who don't know the meaning of words like "surcease" or "abduction" and who think that only chickens can "cluck" trying to be writers? *twitch* Must not write snarky thank you note. *twitch*

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