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War of the Worlds and industry news sends Eugie reeling

Watched War of the Worlds, the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise 2005 remake. It utterly and totally reeked, pretty much from the first second. I hated all the characters, couldn't suspend my disbelief, and even the EFX were lackluster. Yuk. I want to be reimbursed for those 116 minutes of my life.


Writing Stuff

Harold Underdown's The Purple Crayon website, which is an excellent resource for folks interested in writing children's literature has reported a recent upheaval that has me reeling with shock. The Cricket Magazine Group, the folks who put out the "buggy" magazines--Cricket, Cicada, Spider, Ladybug, and Babybug--are moving from their Peru, IL base to Chicago. And most of the senior staff, including the Executive Editor of Cricket and Cicada, are choosing not to stay on. I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach. I've had the most amazing editorial response and rapport with Deborah Vetter, and I've adored working with her. I'm absolutely devastated that she won't be with them anymore. I really hope she and all the other staff members had plenty of warning and already have their future projects lined up. The timing of this must be especially awful for them, putting a real damper on the holidays. 'Course I certainly understand saying "no" when your company asks you to move, but . . . but . . . WAAAAH!!

I feel downright queasy.

Something like a gajillion crits on "Arachne's Gift." (Well, actually 15, but it felt like a gajillion when I opened my inbox this morning.) It's being well received. I was planning on sending this out to Cricket next week, but now I'm wondering if I should hold off until the dust clears. I guess I could also email my editor, but I really hate to bother her.

New Words: A pair of editing passes on "Rue and Ruin." I need one more pass to address a remaining outstanding issue, and then it's set to go.

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