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P-doc follow-up (give the dog a bone, this old man came rolling home)

Had a follow-up appointment with my p-doc today. And . . .*drum roll please*. . . he agreed to let me stop taking the Effexor. I am now officially off any anti-depressants, which makes me happy! (Yes, the irony of that sentence is pretty gooey, isn't it?) I explained to him that I hadn't upped the dose past the 37.5mg starting amount since I was having such a good month in November, and that I'm sure the improvement is all due to the Adderall--since my weekend "holidays" are pretty sluggish. He suggested I up the Effexor and wean off the Adderall, but when I brought up that it seems likely that Effexor would be harder to get off of than a measly little amphetamine dependency, plus the shiny speed makes me happy, regulates my sleep, and gives me energy, whereas there's no reason to believe the Effexor would do any of that. He agreed. So I'm staying with the Adderall . . . at least until my HMO adds Provigil to their list of spiffy drugs.


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65-day form no from Glimmer Train.
65-day personal no from the From the Trenches anthology after making it to the short list.
157-day no-with-obligatory-comments from Leading Edge.

Ow, ouch. Not a good day, rejection-wise. Ooo, my ego is smarting. I need a band-aid.

New Words: 500 on "Vain and Vie."

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