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Christmas Gremlins bad

Had a wonderful evening Friday with yukinooruoni. There was much gabbing and geeking, food munching, and computer wizardry. We also watched Love Actually, a delightful holiday flick and a new favorite of ours since it came out. Alas, both fosteronfilm and my tech skills are woefully obsolete. There's so much out there we're just not up-to-date on. Amazingly, progress does not stand still while one is unemployed, imagine that.

Internet connection continues to be unreliable. (Feh Comcast, feh!) And now our FTP client is getting a "receiving call blocked" error when I try to upload changes to my homepage so I'm having to do my updates via Comcast's website. This would be fine if A. it weren't slower and B. would accept more than one file at a time. I appear to have offended the Lord High Emperor of Gremlins who has sent a plague of technical difficulties upon me. Debating whether I need to make a blood sacrifice or a technological one in order to appease him. It's doubtful he'll be content with cookies . . .

Written up the first wave of Christmas cards to send out tomorrow and entering into frantic mode on the shopping front.

Could barely manage to wake up yesterday whilst on my Adderall weekly "holiday" so I decided not to extend my break for the whole weekend. Popped my lovely 20mg this morning and feel much more chipper and productive. And a bit wired, as may be evidenced in the somewhat disjointed tone of this post.


Writing Stuff

197-day SALE of "Spring Arrives on a Hob's Tail" to Story Station. Huzzah! This is a cute little tale inspired by Hobkin and his tail. Not sure when it's due out, but I'm looking forward to it.

New Words: 1000 on "Vain and Vie."
There's so much writing I want to do, and so little time. *twitch*

Club 100 For Writers

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