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Fume, snarl. Comcast @#$!!&^ (and a stair for Hobkin)

So Comcast took out our Internet connection again yesterday. When we called it in, the person was certain it couldn't be an outage as they weren't able to ping our modem, so they were going to send someone out to look at it . . . on Monday. Fortunately, it came back this morning, otherwise I was all set to heat up the tar and start collecting feathers.

Lo, there was Christmas shopping. The highlight of our acquisitions (in my opinion, at least) was Hobkin's Christmas gift. We bought a kiddie booster step for our fuzzwit. It's a sturdy, wooden two-step stair intended for toddler-types to reach the bathroom sink and whatnot. It's perfect for a stumpy-legged skunk to use to climb onto and off of the couch without having to wake mommy for a boost. Unfortunately, the wood has been veneered, which makes it very slick and not at all suitable for someone with paws and claws, so we went to Home Depot and bought some carpet tape. We're going to take some of the remnant carpeting bits that we've got lying around from the sunroom project (yes, we're utter pack rats) and tape them to the steps.


Writing Stuff

I did indeed manage to get the contract for "My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie" back to Stephen Eley of Escape Pod. But it required relocating the scanner from downstairs and putting it with me upstairs in the library--which makes the best sense because I'm the only one that uses the thing, and pretty much primarily for writing-related stuff--and replacing the defective USB cord with a shiny new one. Huzzah.

"Rue and Ruin" made it up to the Critters queue. Crits are trickling in. Can't gauge yet how it's going over. Also, I saw that there are a slew of stories this week from folks I know and want to crit.

Bought "Arachne's Gift" to first draft and loaded it to Critters, and it's already been bumped to go up next week. Coolness.

2, 74-day "unfortunately, I'm afraid it is not suitable for us at this time"s from Espresso Fiction.

New Words: 200 on "Vain and Vie," part 2 of the novel stemming from "Rue and Ruin." Also rewrote the ending of R&R to segue better into V&V.

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