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Amazon avarice

LJ appears to be sending me all the comments from a couple weeks back that it hadn't before, which is nice, I suppose, but completely unnecessary at this point.

Embarked upon our initial forays into Christmas shopping, and lo it was overwhelming. But also successfulish. Got some solid ideas and accomplished some happy consumerism. And in the process of shopping for others at, I got all covetous and added a bunch of things I came across to my wish list. Tis the season to be acquisitive. I am a contributing member of a materialistic society. Yup.


Writing Stuff

Argh! I forgot to send the contract back to Escape Pod for "My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie" yesterday. Dagnabit. Normally I make it a point of sending contracts back the day or the day after I receive them so I don't ever forget. Well, I forgot. That goes to the top of my "things to do" list for today.

New Words: -167 on "Arachne's Gift" (renamed from the rather generic "Arachne"). Took me all day yesterday to do a handful of passes, but there was much tightening and tweaking. Foisted it upon fosteronfilm and after I make a few minor edits, I'll be at first draft. A little anxious about "Rue and Ruin" as I haven't received a confirmation from the Critters herder informing me that my manuscript has been bumped up the queue. If I need to wait another week before it goes up, that's fine, but it pushes "Arachne's Gift" down another week. If that happens, I may think about soliciting a handful of non-Critters writerly feedback instead before sending it out. Ponder ponder.

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