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HP laptop progress

The HP support folks called back and arranged to send us packaging materials and labels et al. to FedEx my laptop to them for repair, all gratis as part of the warranty. That's all good and satisfactory. I did think MicroCenter's $50 charge for sending it to HP for us was rather a rip-off. My repair order also appears to have been forwarded to a management type who is not in India, a level above tech support, so I have high hopes that this will result in a proper resolution.

Did another major backing-up clean off of my laptop. fosteronfilm is getting close to being able to wipe and re-load the older VAIO desktop for me to use while my laptop's in the shop.


Writing Stuff

I'm a bit concerned about some of my Tangent reviewers. A couple new ones that contacted me appear to have vanished off the face of the Earth after I sent them their first assignments to review, and even a veteran or two isn't responding to my gentle prods for a status update. Was it something I said? Did I eat too many virtual onions?

61-day SALE of "My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie" to Escape Pod. My second sale to these folks, I can't wait to see what Stephen has in mind for this one. He said the podcast is slated for sometime in February 2006.

New Words: 1600 on "Arachne" and I'm at zero draft. That was a very satisfying couple days work. Going to do some editing passes, try and cull a couple hundred words, then hand it off to fosteronfilm to first reader. This week "Rue and Ruin" should be going up on Critters, so I'll try to get "Arachne" up next week.

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