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Received new A/C adapter

The new A/C adapter from HP came yesterday. Now I have two identical A/C cords. Yay? But since I updated my BIOS, I haven't had a freak shutdown. Keeping my fingers crossed that the trend continues.


Writing Stuff

Y'know, I shouldn't be surprised that the overwhelming response to my Do you know the Greek myth of Arachne? poll was "Yes, very well. I love Greek myths!" My flist is full of writers and readers who love folk lore and mythology. Y'all are simply not a proper control group. But your answers, and especially your comments, were enlightening. It's silly of me to quail at doing a re-write because a story is well known. I've written and sold re-tellings of "Sleeping Beauty" and "Hansel and Gretel." I'll write what I write, and it'll either sell or it won't.

Besides, it's a bad idea for me to try to comprehend the vagaries of marketing. Down that road lies madness. MADNESS!!

New words: Not so much new, as many, many, many rewrite passes on a story I wrote in 2002. I thought the thing was clean and just wanted to glance it over before sending it out, and instead found myself appalled at how clunky my prose was. Spent the day doing a massive overhaul. The story's the same, but the mechanics of telling it are much changed. Makes me a little frightened about what some stories I've got making the rounds from a couple years ago may look like.

Anyway, the story is spruced up and I'm much happier with it. Sent it out to meet the world with its new face-lift.

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