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Pie, cookies, and a chocolate chip for our chocolate chip

Baked veggie pot pie and chocolate chip cookies the other day in an effort to make our Halloween-decorations-go-down-Christmas-decorations-go-up efforts merry and festive rather than tedious and chore-like. Managed to drop a semi-sweet chocolate chip on the floor, and before I could retrieve it, our chocolate chip Mephitis mephitis lunged and nabbed it. I grabbed him and tried to get it out of his mouth, but the very best way to encourage Hobkin to gulp something is to pry at his jaws and stick your fingers in his mouth while shouting "Drop it!"

Sigh. Silly beastie. Can't really blame him. I mean, it's chocolate.

I stressed. He's fine. Not even an upset tummy. Apparently chocolate frosting on a birthday candle or a single semi-sweet chocolate chip isn't enough to even faze a skunk's digestive tract. But I really need to be more careful. Hobkin appears to have acquired both a taste and a nose for the stuff, and can pounce and swallow faster than I can bend and snatch.

Also, on the laptop front, I updated the BIOS (thanks for the suggestion, cyber_pagan) and am now waiting to see if that did any good. And, I've been working off battery more often--although the amount of time a fully charged battery provides is downright pathetic--to see if the shut down happens while solely on battery. So far, one day and no mysterious power outage . . . and counting.


Writing Stuff

Did some research on an Egyptian myth that I think I'd like to turn into a retelling to try on Cricket, but it's really hard finding source material. It's the Unut/Wenet and Wepuat/Un-nefer/Osiris moon-hare tale. I'm good with Osiris, but I'd really like more info on Unut/Wenet.

If I continue to come up dry on the source material front, I'm leaning toward retelling the Greek Arachne Myth instead. But I worry that that myth is simply too well known, and therefore done. I'd ask fosteronfilm if he's heard of Arachne, but he's not much of a myth/folklore/fairy tale sort and nine times out of ten he'll give me "huh" face for even the most well known myths. So I can't count on him being unfamiliar with a myth necessarily indicating that it's obscure. But just because I know a myth backward and forward, it doesn't mean it's common knowledge either. Grumph. I need a control group. Or . . . a poll!

Poll #622491 Who's heard of Arachne?

Do you know the Greek myth of Arachne?

Yes, very well. I love Greek myths!
Yes. It's a pretty common story even for someone with a casual interest in mythology.
Sort of. But the details are kind of fuzzy.
Heard of it, but I can't remember any of the story points.

New Words: -500 on "Rue and Ruin." Culled about 500 words and foisted it on the hubby. He thinks I should turn it into a novel. Yup. Also, I went back and looked over the anthology guidelines. Doh! When I thought they'd said a max word count of 12K, it was actually 20K, so I'm going to put back in some of the bits I pulled out.
Zokutou word meter
12,776 / 12,000

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