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Feasted on a very traditional T-day dinner of faux bird, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce, and cherry pie. Stuffed to my eyeballs, yep. Hobkin even got a bit of the cranberry sauce, which he was quite enthusiastic about.

After dinner, I embarked upon my great Doctor Who burn. Visit to the post office to commence today or tomorrow.

I think cyber_pagan's hypothesis is right regarding the cause of my spontaneously shutting down laptop issue. The thing turned itself off twice when I was working on it yesterday. This strange behavior started after I began my "I need to act like a professional writer, dammit" kick and commenced locking myself away in the library every day and doing writing jags for ten+ hours straight. I think I'm overworking my poor system. The fan comes on regularly--too often?--but I'm wondering if it's not able to keep the CPU cool enough. Plus, the library is a much smaller room, with little ventilation when I have the door closed, which I usually do when I'm writing. I'm thinking of lugging the flatscreen monitor and a keyboard upstairs, and hooking them to my laptop. That ought to ease the heat output . . . I think. Plus it'll be a nicer station to work on--bigger keyboard and monitor. Err, except I don't have a USB mouse, which would make functionality awkward. Damn, I need a docking station!

I wonder how well those lapdesk thingies work--the ones that are supposed to help distribute heat.

Maybe it would help the thing stay cool if I scheduled a few 10-minute breaks throughout the day, letting it hibernate and cool off for a bit? That would be annoying, as I really don't like taking breaks, but I suppose it's better than giving myself minor heart attacks when my computer suddenly turns itself off.


Writing Stuff

Heard back from Faeries, the French 'zine that reprinted a translation of "The Storyteller's Wife." They said they sent my contrib. copies a couple weeks ago, and are puzzled why I haven't received them yet. And they need a BIC/SWIFT number, which is some sort of international bank ID, along with my bank/account information in order to do an electronic transfer of my payment. Unfortunately, I have no idea what my BIC/SWIFT number is. I probably need to call my bank to find out. Sigh.

New Words: 800 on "Rue and Ruin." One scene down, one to go. It's possible that I may be able to get to zero draft on this one today. Maybe.
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