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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Much has changed in the time between today and last year's Thanksgiving, but y'know, I find that I'm still thankful for the same things, and I consider myself extremely lucky to still have them to be thankful about.

Therefore, I'm going to repeat my Thanksgiving post from last year. If I never have to change this list in the years to come, I will consider my life blessed.

Things I am thankful for:
1. My husband, Matthew. He is my best friend, the love of my life, and my soul mate. He can make me laugh, a gift I cherish more and more in this scary world, and he holds me when I cry. His sense of whimsy delights me, and his intellect thrills me. He completes me in every way. He is my shelter, my harbor, and my sanctuary.
2. Hobkin, for all the love and trust the little fuzzwit warms my life with every day. And the cuteness. Mustn't forget the cuteness.
3. Family. Something I have not been able to be thankful for for a very large chunk of my existence--so long I'd almost forgotten how comforting it is to be able to have people who love me as a daughter and sister. I'm thankful for the reminder and the reality.
4. My friends: near, far, offline and on.
5. That my health, as crappy as it is, isn't worse, as it could so easily be. I can dance, hear the music which is my husband's laughter, see the adorable fuzzy beastie frisking at my feet, and hold them both close. Not everyone is that fortunate. And I am thankful that I can afford the medicines that keep me (mostly) well.
6. That I have the ability to compose creations of prose that I believe in and that others believe in (and that they want to pay me for). While my storytelling and literary skills are far below many people's whose work I admire, I am improving year by year.
7. My beautiful home where I may run around in panda slippers and nothing else, and it's all good.
8. That I am not hungry or cold.
9. That I believe in and love myself, a state hard won.
10. That I have the freedom to chase my bliss, even if I don't exercise that freedom all the time.


Writing Stuff

My Carnifex Press interview has been published. The formatting seems a bit off--all of my italics were lost and every time there's a website URL, a line return follows it, which looks weird--but it's up. Go read. There was shameless plugging.

New Words: -600 on "Rue and Ruin." Yes, I'm going backward. My anxiety over the length overcame me, and I spent yesterday doing a rigorous editing pass on the story to-date. Feeling better about it, as I did indeed pare off some bloat, but I still have at least two scenes left, and under 2K to do them in.
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