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Bufo marinus resolution

Thanks to everyone who participated in my poll and chimed in on my title quandary from yesterday. It was close, but the majority opinion went with "Princess Bufo marinus" over "Princess Bufo Marinus." Also, the editor stated his preference and it matched the majority vote.

I know a lot of you on my flist are writers, but I've also got my fair share of science-minded people on my flist. I wish now that I'd also created a supplementary poll to see how the numbers spread out between literary people, scientific people, and folks who were both or neither. The scientist in me is all bubbling with curiosity.

I sent my rewrite of "Princess Bufo marinus, I Call Her Amy" to my editor and he's sent back his edits. Another pass or two and I should be done with it. Hurray!

New words: 700 on "Rue and Ruin" with some bloat pared off in an editing pass.
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9,780 / 12,000

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