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Bufo marinus Quandary

Okay, I've been dithering over this, and wistling has made it clear that readers will notice it too. So, I'm hoping to get some feedback from y'all.

The title of my current WIP is "Princess Bufo Marinus, I Call Her Amy." Bufo marinus is the scientific name--genus and species--of a certain amphibian.

Here's what's got me in a tizzy:

- Scientific names should be written (in italics) with the genus name capitalized and the species name in lowercase.
- In titles of literary works, all words should be capitalized (except articles, short conjunctions, and short prepositions that are three or fewer letters long).

See my dilemma? Bufo Marinus versus Bufo marinus. I'm so confused.

Poll #616512 Bufo marinus quandary

What do you think it should be?

"Princess Bufo Marinus, I Call Her Amy"
"Princess Bufo marinus, I Call Her Amy"
You got it all wrong. It should be . . . (comment below).
That's a really dumb title for a story.

48-day "SCI FICTION is closing" form note with a scribble from Ellen Datlow, "Sorry about the bad timing."

New Words: 700 on the rewrite of "Princess Bufo Marinus, I call her Amy."
Today: editing passes.

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