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Skunk-induced sleeplessness

Last night was a restless one, due completely to a certain skunk. For some reason, Hobkin couldn't decide on what he wanted to do--sleep or run amok. He crawled up beside me to cuddle (waking me to give him a boost), and then about twenty minutes later--as I was falling back into a nice, deep sleep--he decided he wanted down, waking me again (usually by walking over me), go tearing around the house a couple times, and then come back to cuddle. Repeat for several hours.

Result: No sleep for Eugie.

Silly fuzz beast. It might have been the furnace. We turned on the heat for the first time this season and there was undoubtedly quite a bit of dust in the vents.


Writing Stuff

4-day "I can't use this. It's too long" from my editor re: "Beauty's Folly." I'm viewing this as a nod from the universe that I ought to try to extend this story into a novel. Therefore, it's back in the "in-progress" queue. But the editor very kindly offered me another chance to provide something else.

New Words: 2500 on "Princess Bufo Marinus: I call her Amy," a re-telling of the Frog Prince fairy tale. Wrote this story to zero draft from opening sentence to "the end" in one day. Sat down at 6AM to write and got up from my desk in the library at 5:30PM for dinner feeling a bit woozy but very pleased with myself. Made fosteronfilm first reader it and will do a rewrite tweak based on his comments as well as a few editing passes today. Then it's off to the editor.

Next up: back to work on "Rue and Ruin."
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