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Dr. Who!

Watched the first and second episodes of the new Dr. Who. Yes, I know I'm excessively late to the party. Dock it from my geek points; I am appropriately shamed. Okay, the show. They've either really increased their EFX budget or reasonable EFX have gotten much, much cheaper to make. The show actually looked good (mostly). There were a couple weak moments--the plastic mannequin arm attack for one--but overall I was impressed at the production values on something which traditionally has had, well, none. As for the new Doctor, can I just say YUM? He's younger, but with the same glib wit and confidence as Tom Baker, and with that leather jacket to boot, he's all bad boy and sexy! Rawr. Me likie Christopher Eccleston!

V. excited about seeing the rest of the season.

Possible Effexor effects: Yicky metallic/sweet/sour taste in my mouth. It's like I licked a 50 count of envelopes, and not the mint-flavored kind either. Uck. Also, felt tired yesterday afternoon so settled down for a nap, but couldn't fall asleep. Undecided as to whether the latter is a good or bad thing, but the stamp-glue-tongue is vile. Bleck, ptoo.

Non-Effexor complaints: My wingstubs hurt. My increased writing productivity this month is making itself felt in less happy-writer ways. Stupid human suit.


Writing Stuff

Heard from the editor of Pitch-Black books that the limited-edition pre-release of the Sages and Swords anthology is available for order. $14.95 for a trade paperback chock full of prime heroic fantasy. I'm sharing a ToC with Tanith Lee--thus fulfilling a squeeing fangirl ambition--as well as Vera Nazarian (norilana) and Ed McFadden, among others. A great holiday gift for the fantasy fan on your shopping list! And check it out, I've got cover pimpage!

Also got a note from the editor of Aberrant Dreams to let me know that the signing at Oxford Comics and Games has been moved to Sat. Feb. 4th from 4-7:30. Additionally, there will be two other authors (I dunno who yet) and the illustrator.

104-day "Sorry" from ASIM after making it to the third round. Some very nice comments from the editors, but they didn't have room for it and it's against their policy to hang onto stories indefinitely. Snartleblast!!

New Words: 1000 on "Rue and Ruin." Making good headway and had a flashing epiphany about the ending. Of note, flashing epiphanies are not nearly as fun as I was led to believe. This one required me to go in and do some difficult tweaking and paragraph rearranging at the beginning.

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