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Comcast ire. Day 1 on Effexor.

After a fairly stable period of Internet connectivity, we lost our cable connection for the whole morning. My ire is great at Comcast. Or it could be the Effexor, which I just started taking, although that's relatively unlikely since it ought to have a build-up effect.

Big ire. 'Nuff said.


Writing Stuff

Tangent work is again being backburnered so I can make words. I suddenly find myself with not enough time in the day to do everything I need to. For a while there it seemed like I had tons of it to the point of excess. There's no such thing as a happy medium, is there?

New words: 600ish on "Rue and Ruin" as well as a full editing pass to get me back into the flow of it. I think I need to revise my initial word estimate on this one.
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,480 / 9,000

I'm noticing a trend. I seem to be writing longer recently. This would be dandy except I've got several short story projects in a row lined up. Argh. Novel later! Short stories now! Stupid willful muse. Now she wants to do a novel. Grumf.

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