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Yesterday, I edited. It was not a transcendental experience. Talk about a buzz kill. Also, I slept for over nine hours straight, and am feeling somewhat less punchy. So here I am, grounded and sober. Ah, the roller-coaster ride of being a writer. So not glamorous.

Words: +500 - 2000 on "Beauty's Folly"
As I suspected, the words I wrote close to the 2AM hour were a bit, uh, disjointed. I went back in and rewrote the ending, resulting in a cut of about 300 words and an addition of 800 (+500), and then I made fosteronfilm first reader it and went back and did a thorough edit and rewrite based upon his suggestions, resulting in a cull of about 2000 words . . . and cutting a character.

Going to give it another pass or two and then hand it off for editorial input.

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