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Trying something new

Tapering from 40 to 20mg of Prozac this week in preparation for the start of Effexor. Had a mild headache yesterday, but I'm not willing to attribute that (just yet) to the decrease. After the comments I got yesterday about Effexor, I'm thinking that it might behoove me to modify my p-doc's suggested incremental rate, perhaps give myself two weeks at each dosage tier instead of one, see if I notice any unpleasant or dramatic effects from it. Despite what all this juggling of meds might indicate, I'm really not severely depressed. I do get periodic mood drops, but I've both seen and studied severe depression, and while I can feel pretty blue upon occasion, it's relatively mild on the depression spectrum. Yes, I'm tired all the time, but considering the dilapidated state of my human suit, it's really not surprising. So I'm concerned about an overkill situation arising from the attempted treatment of my minor mental disequilibrium--like administering Lasix to someone with a chest cold. All I can say is I'm very glad I have a solid background understanding of Psychology.


Writing Stuff

Going to try something during this NaNoWriMo season. Since everyone else is pumping out words, I thought I'd take this opportunity to work myself back into professional-caliber productivity. Therefore, I'm locking myself in the library, away from television, skunk, and husband during the day. I'm also going to curtail my LJ time, so if I make fewer appearances in y'alls comment sections, don't take it personally. Writer at work and all.

- 10-day personal rejection from Jason Sizemore at Apex Digest with invite to submit again.
- Also news that Jason has nominated by story "Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me" (slated for publication in Apex #4) for a Pushcart! I think it's terribly unlikely I'll be one of the selected, but I'm floating on a happy cloud to be nominated. Jason absolutely rawketh! Squee!

New Words:
2000 on another fairy tale re-telling, this time of Beauty and the Beast. After editorial feedback and discussion, the determination was that "The Better To . . . " was one for the the "still needs work" pile, and instead of facing another rewrite with it (I cannot express how very sick I am of it at this point), I decided to pull out the ole drawing board. So far, this one's going so much smoother. Or maybe it's me being holed away in the library.

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