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Adventures with Adderall . . . and Effexor

Had my p-doc follow-up this morning. Initially, he suggested I increase my dosage of Adderall to 25mg/day, but after more discussion, we decided not to. When I asked him what his long-term thoughts were with regard to Adderall, that I didn't want to be on an amphetamine for an extended time--and what about Provigil?--he said that he was hoping to wait until Provigil got added to my HMO's approved list before switching me over. That made sense to me, so I'm content to stay with the Adderall for another month or two (or three even) until the HMO Powers That Be grind their gears. I'll continue on 20mg/day, taking periodic day-or-two breaks once a week to keep my tolerance from ratcheting up.

He also suggested I try an NRI, Wellbutrin, in conjunction with the Prozac for an added pick-me-up. But the idea of adding more pills to my daily cocktail did not please me, so we're compromising. I'm going to wean off the Prozac this week, and then switch to Effexor XR, which is both an NRI and an SSRI. Starting the Effexor at 37.5mg/day next week, and then the plan is to increase that weekly until I hit 150mg/day.

Fun with psychotropics. So not whee.


Writing Stuff

- Contract and final edits from Aberrant Dreams for "The Son that Pain Made." Everything looks great and the contract's signed and in the mail.
- 41-day "regret that we cannot use it" from Pedestal with invite to submit again.
- 14-day "Dear Author" (ouch) from LCRW.

I think I've noticed an odd trend with my writing. Genre markets with literary penchants don't seem to like me. But literary publications that are receptive to genre do. I'm so confused.

New Words:
1000 words on the funny little story, and it's at zero draft. That was gratifyingly fast. Nice muse, nice word flow. Maybe it's all the NaNoWriMo energy radiating off my flist rubbing off.

Club 100 For Writers


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