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Boycott Target

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I don't usually go into political diatribes here. I find the sorts of political arguments that one gets into on the Internet tedious. But I'm making a rare exception here, because it's something I feel strongly about. I'm shaking out the ole boycott rug to protest pharmacists that refuse to fill contraception prescriptions. The idea of someone, anyone at all, mucking with my or any woman's decisions about her body and her life gets me spitting mad. As such, Target will no longer be receiving my consumer dollars until they revamp their policies since apparently, Target is A-OK with their pharmacists being righteous misogynists.

For more links and rants, check out cmpriest's information-filled post and jinzi's very eloquent letter of protest.


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On November 7th, 2005 03:10 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
I support the right to a pharmacist not to fill any prescription they don't want to for whatever reason.

That's utterly irrelevent. So if I get a job at a car dealership, I can refuse to sell SUVs because I think they are gas guzzling, despoilers of the environment? Nuh-huh. Don't think so. The business would kick me out on my ass.

Besides, many women take the birth control pill because it helps with medical problems like endometriosis. If phamacists find doing their job morally wrong, they should get another job. Pharmacists are not in the business of making moral decisions for their clients. Period.

What if the pharmicist was a Christian Scientist? Or a Scientologist and he/she thought Prozac was morally wrong (and post partum depression was a myth.) Do we want to give them the right to make that decision? I think not.

Crap. Now I can't shop Target. I'm running out of places to get cheap toilet paper.

Pat Kirby
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