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Boycott Target

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I don't usually go into political diatribes here. I find the sorts of political arguments that one gets into on the Internet tedious. But I'm making a rare exception here, because it's something I feel strongly about. I'm shaking out the ole boycott rug to protest pharmacists that refuse to fill contraception prescriptions. The idea of someone, anyone at all, mucking with my or any woman's decisions about her body and her life gets me spitting mad. As such, Target will no longer be receiving my consumer dollars until they revamp their policies since apparently, Target is A-OK with their pharmacists being righteous misogynists.

For more links and rants, check out cmpriest's information-filled post and jinzi's very eloquent letter of protest.


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On November 5th, 2005 03:15 pm (UTC), lousy_timing commented:
If the pharmacist is concerned, he/she needs to take it up with the doctor who made the prescription.

Exactly, which is what they are required to do in any other case where they suspect that the doctor may not have had a full picture of what other medications the patient was taking, medical history, allergic reactions, accidental error in writing out a prescription, etc. They are not allowed to correct the prescription themselves- they must call the doctor and get it approved first.

In my letter, you'll note that my daughter takes BCPs for a medical condition. If she doesn't take the pill, she can go almost a year without a period because her PCOS causes that much of an hormonal imbalance. The time she went 11 months without one, she had a three week long period upon starting her menses again. Would said pharmacist refusing to fill her prescription be aware of the cancer risk they'd be putting her at with their refusal? Should my daughter be placed in that type of danger because of their "moral" objection to others playing God with the lives of a fetus? How is it NOT playing God to put someone at risk of getting cervical cancer, and possibly then denying them the right to bear children later in life?

Would that, then, have been "God's Will?" No. That would have been the pharmacist playing God with the life of MY child, and possibly her future children, as well. Whose sin is bigger at that point?
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