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Spent most of yesterday catching up on writing work, so here's a picture of Hobkin curled up with his daddy, fosteronfilm:


Writing Stuff

The World Fantasy Convention 2005 in Madison, WI started yesterday. Bummed that I couldn't go, but with finances being what they are, I can't afford any conventions that aren't local. My absence notwithstanding, I'm quite excited about WFC. Hundreds of convention-goers--writers, editors, and fans--either have or will be receiving the premier issue of Fantasy Magazine with my story, "The Bunny of Vengeance and the Bear of Death," in it. Yay! 'Course I haven't gotten my contrib. copies yet . . .

Speaking of which, I still haven't received my contrib. copy or payment for that French reprint of mine in Faeries. Perhaps its time to fire a note off to the editor. I wish my French was better. Or that their website was more intuitively laid out. I can't find squat on it.

Received a 10-day "alas" from GVG of F&SF. I'm actually pleased to have gotten a rejection from GVG this time. Seems like forever since I've been able to get past JJA. And yes, there was an actual "alas."

Sent another follow-up query to Andy Cox. Many days have passes since his "gimme another day to decide" response to my previous query. Yeah, my patience is not so good.

Spent most of yesterday doing editing passes on "The Better To . . . ". I pored over that baby until I was sick to death of the very thought of looking at it. I figure that's as good an indication of it being done as it gets. I don't know why, but this was a particularly ornery story. It did not want to be born. But fork stabbity and off it went. Bon voyage, lil story!

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