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Skunk sniffles and weekend update

Hobkin is snoggy. He's got a runny nose and last night had a coughing fit while curled up on my lap. He didn't even wake up for it. He was snoozing like a fuzzy lump one second, hacking and coughing the next, and then back to fuzzy lumphood when it was over. Obviously, a cold appears to be no biggie for him.

Weekend has been productive. I re-wrote a story I'd tabled last year. I've improved a lot as a writer since then. The thing was really clunky. I culled over 500 words from a 5000-word piece without even flinching. Sending it out after a final spit polish, although it's not one of my stronger works, even re-written. It's the principle of the matter, I guess.

Also, we downloaded a free trial version of Nero Burning ROM 5.5. Much rockitude. We might have to buy this. VCDs are happy goodness. We cleared off over 5 gigs on our hard drive by burning some of the various digital movies that've been cluttering up our drive and we can play them on the DVD player! Boing. And we picked up 100 CD-Rs at Best Buy for ten bucks (after rebate). Zounds. They're just giving the things away these days, aren't they?

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