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Back into the swing of things

dude_the flew back to the Midwest yesterday (flappity flap). The house is back to being two humans and a skunk, and the temperature has dropped to two-blankets-a-sweater-and-a-robe-and-I'm-still-cold degrees. Brrr.

Went out to see an advance screening of Zathura. It was fun, but in an utterly predictable way. Written by the same guy who did Jumanji, it showed. Pretty much the exact same story but with a science fiction setting instead of a fantasy one. Next up, a movie about some kids who find an old, horror-themed games and wacky hyjinks ensue . . .


Writing Stuff

302-day YFoP from Realms of Fantasy.
35-day personal pass from Fictitious Force (after query) with invite to submit again.

Both stories made it past the first round of readings, but tanked in the money round. Well, foo.

Ran stats on the crits for "The Better To . . ." There were two or three amazingly glaring issues that people kept commenting on. Isolated and destroyed (I hope) those in a pair of very thorough editing passes. Going to give it another couple read-throughs, but the goal is to stick the fork in and send it out today. Or maybe tomorrow.

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