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Happy Halloween!

Had a lovely Halloween weekend. The weather has been perfect for hot tubbing, and we've been catching up with dean13 and dude_the, and showing them appropriately Halloweeny films.

Saturday we had our annual Foster Halloween costumed movie extravaganza get together. After much debate and discussion, followed by a vote, we decided to watch Underworld. (The runner-up was I Walked With a Zombie.)

dude_the (left) and dean13, perhaps about to burst into song?

A better shot of dude_the's very excellent dark warlock/wizard costume.

The lovely britzkrieg and hubby rigel_kent

A very pale and deceased-looking pleroma and the beautiful sruna

terracinque as innocent and luscious Alice.


dean13 flew back to California this morning. Very, very early this morning. As in so early that fosteronfilm and Paul stayed up and watched Ju-on instead of going to sleep. They then woke Dean and I in the wee hours for the drive to the airport. (Actually, the annoying phone ringing in the movie woke me up--what is it about J-horror movies and ringing?) There was some spooky meowing and discussions about ghostly Asian girls with long, black hair perhaps driving in the car ahead of us on 400 en route.

I'm very behind on my LJ flist, so if anything momentous happened, please drop me a comment!

Last day to vote for the 12 Babes of Christmas:

Warning: There is some nudity on the voting pages.
Not safe for work or kiddies!


Writing Stuff

"The Better To . . . " continues to get mixed reviews on Critters. But I think I'm getting a pretty solid idea of what I want to do with it re-write-wise.

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