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Frantic Friday

It's the weekend. How did it get to be the weekend already? dean13 is flying in today and dude_the's plane comes in tomorrow, and the house looks like the aftermath of a rhinoceros tea party. And I'm still waffling on my Halloween costume. Gah!

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Writing Stuff

Tentative sale to Aberrant Dreams, tentative in that the editors want me to do some tweaks to my story--I assume to tone down one or two of the more visceral scenes--to better match the PG13+ rating they're aiming for with their publication. Younger target audience and all. But the editor was very enthusiastic, so I'm feeling quite optimistic that this "tentative" will turn into "definite." Waiting on their editorial suggestions . . .

And also, the editor confirmed that the convention that they thought was canceled was indeed Esotericon and not Frolicon. I'd already had it confirmed that Frolicon was still solidly on track from the convention organizers, but glad to have that cleared up on all fronts. Still haven't set a date, time, and place for the interview they want to do, but there's no rush.

"The Better To . . . " is up at Critters and the first crits are rolling in. Obviously, I need to put back in some of the worldbuilding material that I pulled out. So far, folks are having problems comprehending the major world change that is essential to the setting. Must rectify that in rewrite.

New Words: 560
Chugging along nicely on "Rue and Ruin" although I almost got sidetracked by a funny little story idea that fosteronfilm and I came up with.
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4,520 / 7,500

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