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As properly befitting the Halloween season, we watched Bewitched, the Nicole Kidman/Will Ferrell homage to the '60s television series (courtesy Netflix). Apparently after the failed Practical Magic, Kidman wanted to prove that she could indeed pull off a hot witchy character. And, in her defense, it almost didn't suck. Admittedly, I'm not a fan of Will Ferrell--the man's funny as epileptic slime mold--but Nicole Kidman is exquisite, Scientology and Eyes Wide Shut notwithstanding. And hey, I despise Tom Arnold, but thought he did an excellent job in True Lies, one of my favorite movies. So obviously a movie can overcome the shortcomings of its actors. Of course, Tom Arnold wasn't the lead in True Lies, and while Nicole Kidman is a much more talented actor than Arnold Schwarzenegger, the screenplay of Bewitched was still inspired by a '60s television series.

Kidman almost managed to carry it by the sheer virtue of her lovely self, and Michael Caine gave a Grade A performance as Samantha's father. But being unable to find any redeeming qualities in the male love interest made it too frustrating to buy into, not to mention lethal to my suspension of disbelief.

Oh well. Netflix also sent us Frank Langella's Dracula which I haven't seen in several years. Looking forward to that being good.


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