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Adventures with Adderall: Withdrawal

I was so tired yesterday. Just didn't have any energy, and I even took a nap. Dozed off fairly early at night, and then woke up at 2AM for a bout of insomnia. And this while on 20mg of Adderall. So I'm wondering if, after a measly two weeks, I'm already racking up a tolerance. As such, I'm going Adderall-free today, to see what happens.

But, on the positive side of things, I've lost 4lbs while on it.

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Writing Stuff

Since I posted my little "we're busy at Tangent, mm-kay?" whine, I've received half a dozen emails from folks interested in reviewing for me. *blink* I'm all yay, but my labor shortage has suddenly become a labor glut. More proof that the universe enjoys keeping me off balance.

And to top things off, I also got a query from a writer who thought Tangent published fiction and wanted to know whether I'd consider a serial. Uh . . .

Did they even look at the site before hitting SEND?
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