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Went to see an advance screening of The Legend of Zorro last night, joined by shadesong, yendi, and their daughter, Elayna. Elayna's an incredibly sweet little girl who is being brought up properly on swashbuckling derring-do. fosteronfilm's insistence upon sitting close enough to cause neck spasms meant that our viewing parties split up after we entered the theater so there was less getting to know these lovely folks than I would have liked. But at least now there're proper faces to go with the LJs.

The movie itself was great fun. Catherine Zeta-Jones is an exquisite beauty, and they put her in absolutely stunning gowns with corseted bodices that displayed her ample assets to great effect. Antonia Banderas is likewise a pretty, pretty man who can still cut quite a striking figure in tight black pants and cape. His horse was also magnificent and managed to steal several scenes with equine humor. Then there were explosions and sword fights and train chases, all bigger-than-belief with an abundance of swash and buckle. As for the story and writing . . . well, err, it was a very pretty movie. *nods* If you really want to read a detailed criticism, check out fosteronfilm's write-up.

Netflix sent us the Creature Comforts TV series. It was cute, but not particularly funny. I had few urges to coo or squee, and only found myself smiling a couple times. So, while not a total yawn fest, not nearly as impressive as the original Wallace and Gromit shorts or Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

I was more amused by this bit of "cereal" drama (ganked from ardath_rekha). I can't make up my mind whether the fireworks stemming from RPing cereal cartoons is for real or whether it's just a very elaborate and well-coordinated hoax. I'm leaning toward "hoax" but the posters have "sincere" down pat.


Warning: There is some nudity on the voting pages. Not safe for work or kiddies!


Writing Stuff

Got an email from Aberrant Dreams asking me for an interview. They're a fairly new SF/F/H webzine based out of Georgia; I've heard of them, even have a submission with them, but I hadn't realized they were local. The reporter-guy suggested we meet up at Chattacon, except I'm not planning on going to it, and he also mentioned Frolicon, except then he went on to say that he'd heard it had been canceled. Uh? Last I knew, Frolicon was going strong. They've invited me to be a guest, and I haven't heard anything from the convention organizers which would make me think that things were anything but forward charge. Perhaps he was thinking of Esotericon instead? Anyway, I told him "yes" I'd be happy to do an interview. Logistics still to be worked out . . . obviously. I was really tempted to query about the submission I had with them when I replied, but I was torn. Would that be considered bad writerly etiquette? I didn't want to imply that I'll do the interview only if they buy my story or anything like that, so, I didn't query. But now the uncertainty is all pointy and nipping at me.

Also got an email from the editor of an anthology I recently subbed a story to. He's holding my submission for the second round of readings and it's now in serious consideration for a spot in the antho. I really appreciate getting status updates from editors. Makes for less twitching. Also, yay for being in serious consideration!

New review on Tangent by aimeempayne and benpayne of Fantasy Magazine #1 with very nice things to say about my offering in that issue, "The Bunny of Vengeance and the Bear of Death":
"If the cute animal personifications initially seem to promise a slight, warm fuzzy story, the impression is soon countered by the topics of their debate . . . the story is emotionally effective and, impressively, given its subject matter, makes its point through character and story rather than cold rhetoric. A strong story." --Ben Payne

New Words: 400 on "The Better To . . ."
Sheesh, it feels like I'm just inching to the finish line, dragging myself by my fingernails with this one. But, in my defense, I also did another couple editing passes, which culled out some fatty bits.
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