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Weird Saturday

Strange day yesterday. fosteronfilm woke up early with a headache so we dosed him up on Excedrin. The caffeine hit before the analgesics and he was active and alert at what's normally an ungodly early hour for him. I took only 10mg of Adderall in my quest to Find the Right Dosage, and by 1 o'clock both us were crashed out on the couch. Sometime in there, Hobkin came looking for us and decided to join our group nap, so all three of us ended up snoozing on the couch until late in the afternoon. As might be expected, that made for very odd hours yesterday.

More October pimpage:

Voting for the "12 Babes of Christmas" is underway!

Warning: There is some nudity on the voting pages. Not safe for work or kiddies!

In addition to myself, these lovely lasses on my flist are also in the running. Check them out: azhure, deyaniera, naamah_darling, shay_85, cmpriest, and zhaneel69. (If I forgot anyone, drop me a comment.)


Writing Stuff

71-day Although-we-enjoyed-your-work from New Moon with invite to submit again.
8-day "unfortunately we are unable to use it" from Wee ones.

And I didn't get the Speculative Literature Foundation travel grant; they're not sending me to China. That sort of puts the kybosh on any chance of going this year. I'm more disappointed than I thought I would be.


New words: 1000
Unfortunately, not on any of my WIPs. A character has been gnawing away at my muse for the last few days, but she didn't have a story so I kept pushing her aside. She would have none of that, so in order to assuage character and muse, I did a several page character sketch in words. And lo, the sketch is turning into a story. Um, yay? Except I really need to finish "The Better To . . . "

Club 100 For Writers

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