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Adventures with Adderall

My doc prescribed a daily extended release dose of 10mg, but an hour after I took my first pill yesterday, I was overcome by the sleepies and took a several hour nap. Profoundly unimpressed by the effects of 10mg, I took another 10mg. (I'm not just futzing with my dosage on a whim; the doc said I could up the dose to 20mg if 10mg wasn't sufficient.) And yes, that did the trick. An hour after I took the second capsule, I sat down to write. Three hours later, Matthew drags me away from the computer and makes me eat dinner. After dinner I return to the computer and write for another two hours.

I stopped only when the waves of drowsies started. When the first one hit, I had to force my eyes open and was a mere pillow and blankie away from a nap. But the first was the worst, and it passed. I'm betting it was due to the gap in effective time between when I took the first capsule and the second. Back on the upswing I started being capable of productiveness again, but feeling decidedly tired and less alert. I also noticed that my ability to compose sentences nose-dived at this point. The story ideas were still there, but my brain was reduced to lizard-speak: Bob hungry now. Bob run. Bob scared. Not scintillating prose.

I also had problems sleeping last night. I tossed fitfully for a couple hours, then gave up and sat with my laptop for a while--catching up on emails and fiddling with some bookkeeping. Dozed off with Hobkin on the couch at around 4AM, and he promptly woke me up at 7 for breakfast, and here I am, profoundly not tired. The insomnia effect sucks goat feet. I blame the second, afternoon dose, I took. I'm going to see how two 10mg XR capsules taken at the same time will work out and then decide if I want to stick with 10mg or 20mg daily. No jitters, although there was a certain hyper-clarity which I usually equate with an excess of caffeine. Not a bad thing, but a little surreal.

After day one of Adventures with Adderall, I'm cautiously optimistic.

And also, everyone please welcome dream_wind to LJ-land. She's been putting off and putting off getting herself bloggified, and now she's finally gone and done it.


Writing Stuff

No mail yesterday. Stupid Columbus Day government holiday. I did hear from the assistant editor/slush reader of Realms of Fantasy. I've had several stories languishing there in various stages of slushy limbo so I finally bit the bullet and emailed a query to Shawna McCarthy. She passed on the query for her slush reader to reply to. Outcome:
- One story utterly and completely lost in the depths of the abyss. Invited to submit it again since there's no trace of it. 235 days.
- One story rejected by default as it wasn't one of those bought in the batch that was passed up to Shawna. Ergo, "Rejection probably lost in the mail," which does not fill me with great confidence. Total time waiting on this one: 139 days.
- One story somehow falling between several slush cracks--old and new regime transition pains--and is slated to be passed up to Shawna at the next slush transfer. Days out and counting: 280.

In more positive news, I did a Critters critique to keep my numbers up, and I'm definitely happy with the quality of my writing time yesterday.

New Words: 300 - 360
Did a major editing pass on "The Better to . . . " and chopped out nearly four hundred words. Also made some good headway into the climax. Apparently, muse is a masochist. Must consider flogging muse more often. Or she's a speed junkie. Or both.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,222 / 6,500

I think 6.5K for the whole thing was an underestimate, but I ought to be able to keep it under 7K. And there's still the possibility of more judicious cutting.

Club 100 For Writers

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