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Mushroom stew and psychotropic cocktail

We put up our Halloween decorations yesterday. Glowy pumpkins and strings of spiders. It feels like October. We also celebrated the beginning of the All Hallows season with homemade vegan mushroom stew (three types of mushrooms and red bell pepper in a wine sauce) and cherry cobbler for dessert. Yum! My folks brought a huge box of dried shitake mushrooms for us from China, and we tossed several into the stew. I offered Hobkin a sliver, but he was dubious and after nosing it around, decided it couldn't possibly be food. He likes button mushrooms well enough, and, of course, he loves red bell peppers. He didn't get any cherry cobbler, though.

Had my p-doc follow-up this morning. Asked him if I could try Provigil to combat the incredible sleepies and exhaustion I've been feeling. He was game, but it's not on The List of meds preferred by my HMO, so I'd have to pay for the whole thing out-of-pocket. AGH! Too rich for my mental disequilibrium. So we decided to go a different course. He prescribed me Adderall. Well, cool. That works too, although I'd rather not be on an amphetamine, but if it gives me too much of the jitters, we can then switch me to Provigil and have it HMO-covered 'cause well, we tried the preferred one and that didn't work . . .

I feel like there's a certain slapdash approach to the makeup of my pharmacological cocktail, but at least I've got some input with what the bartender puts into the shaker.


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New words on "The Better to . . . " and a couple editing passes on "Shim Chung." Flow is not happening. My muse needs to be beaten with a stick, the hussy.
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