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Wingstubs and Joss Whedon, no relation

Wingstubs giving me grief. Not sure why as I haven't been keyboarding that vigorously lately, but my arms ache. Ow.

If you're a Browncoat, clickie to see more proof that Joss Whedon is a directing god (link ganked from tomaqmar). By the sheer miracle of knowing what he's doing, Joss saved money and time while shooting Serenity in Hollywood.

And, the official geek question of the hour: If Buffy and River were to duke it out, who would win?

Poll #585102 Buffy v. River

Who would win in a take down, Buffy or River?

Buffy, duh. "Show me what you got. Then I'll show you what a slayer really is."
River. "Also, I can kill you with my brain." She's crazy, yo.
What is the sound of one hand clapping?
What the hell are you talking about, woman?


Writing Stuff

- A form rejection from Guideposts for Kids. This was a long shot anyway. G4K is a Christian 'zine and the story I subbed really . . . wasn't.
- Also got a personal rejection from Escape Pod. Stephen requested to see more, actually asked to see a couple stories by name based on their title (from the bibliography on my website). Well, cool. I believe in giving editors what they want, so sent off one of them.
- Sale of "Kawaa, Naagan, and the Queen's Diamond Necklace" to Dragonfly Spirit, a lovely new startup children's 'zine. My story is due out in their March 2006 issue. The editor is a fellow Critter and we've exchanged some friendly correspondence in the past so I'm quite pleased to be working with her.
- Two more Critters crits of my Korean folktale. It continues to be a crowd pleaser. Well, good.
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