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Got a shiny payment into my PayPal account from jinzi for "In Suffering Lies Salvation" which is due to be published in the Lent(ish) issue of Suhweet! jinzi utterly rawks as an editor/publisher.

And hey, on that note, anyone out there get Chronicle, the DNA Publications industry 'zine? The June issue mentions and I'm trying to scrounge up what they said. Anyone? Anyone?

Also wrote and published a review of this week's SCI FICTION story, "The Canadian Who Came Almost All the Way Home From the Stars" by jaylake and specficrider to Tangent.

And after my mini I'm-so-overworked-and-over-stressed Tangent rant I got an email from someone interested in being a reviewer. Huzzah. The universe humors me sometimes.

New Words: 700
On "The Better to . . . " I've got the remaining scenes sketched out in my head, but they seem resistant to being born onto the page. Grumf. Not sure if I can wrap this up in the next 1K. We'll see.
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