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I slept through most of yesterday. Apparently the weekend tuckered me out; I just don't have any stamina anymore. Even the tiniest bit of activity exhausts me.

Stupid human suit.

In less aggravating news, the feel of Autumn is on the breeze. The trees are turning themselves gold and brown, the ground crackles with dried leaves when I walk over it, and the air is crisp with an undercurrent of impending cold. I love the seasons here in Georgia. It's already dropping to the 40s at night in the Midwest where I used to live, but here it's lingering between the 60s and the low 80s. Perfect. Time to fill up the hot tub. Ooo, and time to put up the Halloween decorations!


Writing Stuff

I've noticed that now that I've gotten Tangent back on a regular publication schedule, editors, readers, and writers are much more anxious about getting their 'zines reviewed yesterday. Raised expectations due to experience and all that, which is fine; I want people to expect timely reviews from Tangent because I want to be providing them. But the query emails and posts are beginning to come with greatly frequency--despite our publication schedule staying pretty much steadily the same as its been since I took over--and are something of an added stressor on both me and the reviewers. I've got nearly thirty reviewers, and I think I need to take on more. Plus I'm worried about burning out the ones I put the heaviest loads on because of their quick turnarounds. Gleep.

Opening Lines Meme:

Post the first line of each of your works-in-progress:

"The Better To . . ." (re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood)

In the murky, false twilight, the alleys were shadow-filled and unfamiliar. A gutted car sat on stone blocks like a half-butchered carcass.

"Shim Chung the Lotus Queen" (A re-telling of the "Blind Man's Daughter," a traditional Korean folktale--also it'll be up for critique on Critters this week)

In ancient times in Korea, the land where the morning is born, there lived a maiden named Shim Chung.

A Harmony of Foxes (YA novel)

It was a cloudless night in the Middle Kingdom, lit by glittering stars. The bashful moon--a slender maiden attended by her court--saw my sister and me into the world.

"The Moon on the Water" (another short story re-telling of a traditional Korean folktale. But this one turned darker than I intended and I put it aside to think about)

They say my husband, Joo-Chan, spared the life of a deer, and that is how he knew to find me and my sisters.

"Talking Things" (short story that is currently backburnered)

When the condiments started talking to her, Sarah knew it was time to do something about the voices.
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