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All black again. And skunk feet.

The Great Highlighting Debacle has come to its predestined conclusion. I dyed my hair back to black. And yes, I have learned my lesson. The color of my hair is black, and black it shall be. Never again will I muck with the natural order of the blackness. So mote it be.

Hobkin is in full winter skunk mode. His coat is getting soft and thick, and all he wants to do is cuddle with me on the couch. It's adorable except he's been wanting a full half of the space. He keeps nudging me over until he's taking up as much room as he possibly can. I guess he thinks if there's two of us, we should split the chaise 50/50. And if I try to scootch him over, he tenses up his muscles and digs in--even in his sleep!--and makes it really hard to nudge him over. I could just lift him up and plop him down again, but that seems rude somehow. Well, he's cute, so can get away with it.

I love it when he sleeps on his back with all four paws in the air.


Writing Stuff

It was a night of stony-eyed butchery.

I shook out the Korean folktale re-telling that's been languishing on my hard drive in zero draft for so long and gave it a couple editing passes, enough to bring it to first draft. Loaded it up to the Critters queue to go up next week. (Which reminds me that I really need to do some crits to stay active.) I don't know why I sat on this story for so long at zero draft, but a bit of space from it helped. My zero draft was ridiculously clunky and in dire need of tightening. I managed to cut 100 words from a 2.3K story without even breathing hard. I think it reads much better now. I hope. Let loose the Critters of War!

New Words: -400
In a fit of disgust, I tore out a huge ole chunk of exposition--leaving smaller chunks mewling in its wake--and culled nearly 400 words from the Red Riding Hood tale. The numbers are going backward but it's still progress. Really. I also came up with a working title, which I may or may not keep as the final: "The Better to . . . "
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,178 / 6,500

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