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Got an email via the Daily Dragon asking if the rumors that Drew Hayes had died were true or not. 1. I had no idea who Drew Hayes was and 2. rumors? What rumors? Engaged my Google-fu and discovered he is (was?) the creator of the comic Poison Elves but not anything related to a timely or untimely demise. Anyone out in Internet-land have any info on the matter before I send a reply back to the effect of "guh"?


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4-day "Well received . . . a lot to admire . . . but" from Lenox Ave.
19-day form "tbtthh" from Pedestal.

Fooie. Want a sale now, plez.

New Words: 1000
Still no title, but making good progress on the story. And, err, now I'm getting a little worried about the scope. This tale's beginning to push my initial word count estimate. *throws up hands in exasperation* Stupid muse. NOT a novelette, dammit. Certainly not a novella!
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