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GABPC: up at the buttcrack of dawn

Up way, way too early. *groan* I heard owls, owls hooting as I was brushing my teeth. Whoever coordinated the Georgia Big Picture Conference (GABPC) is obviously a morning person. And they scheduled fosteronfilm for a 9AM panel. Oof.

fosteronfilm assured me that I did not, as it were, resemble a refugee from an anime show, so I did without a hat and went with him to the meet-n-greet for the guests of the GABPC. We met. We gret. Then we came home and watched animated rabbit carnage (aka Watership Down).

Must shamble off and wake up the hubby now.


Writing Stuff

Got the contract for "Sins of the Mother" from Dark Cloud Press. I'll sign and send it back on Monday.
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