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A very cool site. Buy a friend a book, just because. Buy books for no other reason than books are good. I likie.


Writing Stuff

Received a rejection from Escape Pod, but a nice one. Stephen invited me to send something else, and went on to say that "The Life and Times of Penguin" has received some good feedback. 'Course my brain backfired. I sent something off, only remembering afterward that he wants submissions in the body of an email, not as an attachment. Oops. I sent an apology and an email with the proper submission formatting, but I haven't made a gaffe like that in a long while.

New Words: 700
I'm engaging in an unprecedented amount of world building for this story. I keep thinking "this would make a good novel," which is very strange as I don't normally enter into that sort of writerly think space. It's also somewhat distracting as I need to keep this under 8K. I keep telling myself that I can always extend it into a novel after I finish the damn story.
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