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Firsthand account of Katrina victims and the botched "aid" efforts

troutqueen pointed this out in her blog: "Hurricane Katrina - Our Experiences" written by Larry Bradshaw and Lorrie Beth Slonsky.

It needs to be read and passed on. The sort of corruption and cavalier disregard for suffering exhibited by the official relief effort cannot and should not be tolerated.

About the authors: Bradshaw and Slonsky are paramedics from California that were attending the EMS conference in New Orleans. Larry Bradshaw is the chief shop steward, Paramedic Chapter, SEIU Local 790; and Lorrie Beth Slonsky is steward, Paramedic Chapter, SEIU Local 790 and Editor of the Gurney Gazette [California].

"Two days after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the Walgreen's store at the corner of Royal and Iberville streets remained locked. The dairy display case was clearly visible through the widows. It was now 48 hours without electricity, running water, plumbing. The milk, yogurt, and cheeses were beginning to spoil in the 90-degree heat. The owners and managers had locked up the food, water, pampers, and prescriptions and fled the City. Outside Walgreen's windows, residents and tourists grew increasingly thirsty and hungry.

"The much-promised federal, state and local aid never materialized and the windows at Walgreen's gave way to the looters. There was an alternative. The cops could have broken one small window and distributed the nuts, fruit juices, and bottle water in an organized and systematic manner. But they did not. Instead they spent hours playing cat and mouse, temporarily chasing away the looters."

Read the whole thing. Spread the word.

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