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Keeping busy

Still no word from Patrick, although there's much relief that Katrina turned east and was downgraded to a category 4 before it smashed into New Orleans.

I may be losing up to two Daily Dragon staff due to the hurricane. I'll deal if that's the case, but the second one was also all "well, if I can make D*C, I can't work here and here and here where I'm scheduled." I've sent a slew of emails to my staff trying to get them to tell me hours they can't work so I can schedule desk hours to accomodate them, and this is the FIRST I've heard from this person, despite my flurry of emails. Not happy!


Writing Stuff

Published a round robin review of F&SF's Oct/Nov 2005 issue to Tangent, notable because I was one of the reviewers. Barely had time to finish my commentary what with all the D*C insanity. But it's up.

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